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The clan of Wied is one of the most ancient noble families in Germany.
The first record of the Edelfreien Wied is about 1100 Anno Domini.
Probably originated formerly on the left side of the river Rhine, they settled down in the area of Westerwald, where they still live today.
The clan nearly decayed two times, but this had been avoided by marriages with the houses of  Runkel and  Isenburg.
Previously in the rank of a count, Johann Friedrich Alexander Graf zu Wied-Neuwied was raised (knighted?) in a heriditary princely rank (Fürst) at 29th May 1784. Only the first-born decendants have the right to bear this title. All other members of the house bear the title prince or princess. The formal adress is serene highness.
At the Congress of Vienna (1814 / 15) the house lost its sovereignty. It therefore now belongs to the Standes-herren.
See also (in German) the extract of the Almanach de Gotha  Gotha,  Die Grafen von Wied, and  Die Herrschaft Wied.

The house of Wied had some famous and influential members:

Person Short description.
Hermann Graf zu Wied b. 14th Jan. 1477, d. 15th Aug. 1552 Archbishop and elector of Cologne (1515 - 47) - introduced the reformation to Cologne. (not translated yet)
Prinz Maximilian zu Wied b. 23rd Sept. 1782, d. 4th Feb. 1867

1815 - 17 he explored the north of Brazil (on Humboldt's trail) and in 1824 - 32 North America. He is also known as Prince Max. (not translated yet)
(see also:  Life and work und  Special exhibition at the Ethnological Museum Berlin since autumn '99)

Elisabeth Prinzessin zu Wied (alias Carmen Sylva) b. Neuwied 1843, d. Bucharest 1916 Queen of Romania and a well known poetess.
Wilhelm Prinz zu Wied b. 1876 d. 1945

Wilhelm I. was King of Albany between the 7th March until the 5th Sept. 1914. He left the country at the beginning of World War I. (not translated yet)

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If this still doesn't satisfy your thirst for knowledge, you can write to: Fuerstlich Wiedisches Archiv in  Neuwied.

Fuerstlich Wiedisches Archiv Neuwied
D - 56564 Schloss Neuwied
Neuwied palace.
Frontview of Neuwied palace.

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